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Tannlege i Halden - Svein Grinnbo

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Halden Gjestehavn.

Langbryggen 7

hos Halden  Tannregulering.


 45 777 333

Tannlege Svein Grinnbo har lang erfaring som tannlege og tilbyr alle vanlige tannbehandlinger.

Født og oppvokst i Halden. Utdannelse fra Universitetet i Oslo. Er kjent for å gi kundene en rolig og trygg opplevelse hos tannlegen.

Send oss en melding her så kontakter vi deg så snart som mulig.



If you’ve ever watched a moving-picture show or turned on the TV, you’ve positively seen ceramic ware veneers. they're very skinny ceramic coverings designed to appear like unflawed white enamel, and that they will be fitted directly over the front of the teeth to mask a good kind of flaws. they're just about normal for everybody in Hollywood! in mere 2 appointments, Dr. Moneyhun will use them to create stains, chips, cracks, and gaps disappear behind a pristine white smile.
Metal-Free Dental Crowns

We’re typically tasked with repairing teeth that show conspicuously within the smile, and in these delicate things, we all know that strength and sweetness square measure of equal importance. With metal-free crowns, we’re ready to provide our patients the simplest of each. polished from 100 percent dental ceramic ware, these crowns will be formed and shaded to dead mimic the looks of a true tooth, even right down to enamel’s slight semitransparency. the tip result's dental work that appears nothing like dental work!
Dental Bonding

If you’re searching for a fast fix for AN annoying stain or kick in your smile, then direct bonding is that the ideal answer. Dr. Moneyhun can apply a color-matched composite rosin to your tooth and sculpt it to appear sort of a regular a part of the enamel, concealment any imperfectness on the approach. The procedure itself is very fast (usually taking but AN hour), painless, and therefore the results will be sure to last for up to ten years.
t-Home Teeth lightening

Want to urge obviate those annoying low, wine, or tobacco stains? If therefore, we will give you with a collection of mouth trays custom-designed to suit your smile still as a bleaching gel a lot of stronger than something you’ll realize at the shop or on-line. merely use our kit daily for regarding period whereas you’re surfriding the online or binging your favorite show, and your smile can simply become 6-8 shades whiter!